Proper Southern Manners Part 6 (Maintaining Your Honor and Integrity)

In part 6 of the Proper Southern Manners series we will be talking about two of the things we feel are MOST important, Honor and Integrity!

Too many children (and adults to be honest) seem to have thrown these right out of the window.


Again, these are snippets from a booklet and are by no means all inclusive. We felt that this would at least give us a good starting point.

Make it a great day, you deserve it!

Tracey and Aileen

P.S. Make sure to watch for part 7 in the Proper Southern Manners series, “Being a Gentleman”


Maintaining Your Honor and Integrity

Keep your word – don’t tell someone you will do something and not do it – especially your family.  A Southern Gentleman will understand the moral absolutes that define him, his culture and society.  The originating source for these absolutes is The Holy Bible, God’s unerring word.  Don’t lie, cheat or steal.  Don’t get involved in anything that isn’t moral, honest, ethical or legal.

Family is important to Southerners probably more so than to others living in these united states.  Our tradition is such that we tend to be “clannish.”  Stand by your family.  The bonds you have with family are such that no matter what, you will always have them.  As a dependent living with your parents, you should always defer to their authority.  Once on your own, you are the boss, but you should still show respect for your parents and all they have done to raise you.

Once married, you, your spouse and any children you have are your immediate family.  Parents and siblings become extended family.  Priorities should be immediate family and then extended family.  If you put a sibling or your mother or father before you spouse, don’t expect the marriage to last.  Having you priorities out of order is not honorable and having a failed marriage due to misplaced priorities is definitely not honorable.

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