Mummy Halloween Candy Holder


These little cuties will look perfect on your coffee table to serve up goodies or as candy cups on a table for a kids Halloween Party!!


We originally got the directions and idea from


What You’ll Need

4-ounce plastic water bottle

Utility knife

Quart-size plastic container

Small cotton balls

Googly eyes

Tacky glue



Step 1

(Dad) For the mini mummy, use a utility knife to cut the top off a 4-ounce water bottle. For the larger mummy, use an empty quart-size plastic container.



Step 2

Glue a cotton ball to the middle of the small bottle for the nose, then glue on a pair of googly eyes. Use the water-bottle cap for the larger mummy’s nose, then add eyes.



Step 3

For both mummies: Cut strips of cheesecloth. Glue one end of cloth to the container and start wrapping the cheesecloth around, covering the nose but not the eyes. Continue adding layers of cheesecloth, gluing down any loose ends.



Please be sure to share your comments and tips with us y’all!! We love hearing from you.


Make it a great day, you deserve it!


Aileen and Tracey

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