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Homemade Halloween Costumes

Remember when we were young and we used to make or have help making our Halloween costumes?

I honestly can’t remember my Mama and Daddy ever going out and spending money at a store on a costume. (Especially not the kind of money they are charging these days for children’s costumes).

Well with that in mind we came across some really cute kids costumes on allyou.com, that are easy to make with your children.

We just love cute little children in Halloween costumes, so please send us pictures of your little ghosties and goblins, fairies and princesses or maybe even one of the costume ideas we posted here. We would love to feature them here on Two Southern Sweeties!!


Make it a great day, you deserve it!


Tracey and Aileen

Book Of Spells Costume

Book of Spells costume

YOU’LL NEED • Measuring tape • Scissors • 2 yards white felt • Glue gun • Gold, wide, single-fold bias tape • Black marker • Glitter glue • Lizards • Stick-on Velcro • White leotard

1. Have your child stand with arms stretched out. Measure from wrist to wrist across your child’s back, then from shoulder blades to mid-thigh. Cut white felt to these measurements.

2. Lay felt out flat. On each end of “book,” glue gold bias tape to edge of length of felt. Run a second layer of bias tape slightly overlapping the first, and a third slightly overlapping the second. Measure 6″ from top of book and write “spells” with black magic marker. Use glitter glue to color titles of your spells; let glue dry overnight. Stick lizards where you desire.

3. Stick one side of Velcro onto top edge of book. Stick 1″ pieces of other side of Velcro to back of arms of leotard. Have child get into leotard. Attach book to her back with Velcro.

Witches Cauldron Costume


Witches’ Cauldron costume

YOU’LL NEED • Measuring tape • Scissors Cardboard • Glue gun • Serrated knife • 1 yard water-print fabric • 1½ yards black felt • ¼ yard orange felt • Yellow felt square • Red felt square • Needle, black thread • 1 yd ½” elastic • Safety pin • Plastic frogs, lizards, bones, eyeballs • 1″ and 1½” styrofoam balls • Poly-Fil • Newspaper or tissue paper • Black shirt • Black pants

1. Measure child’s head; add 2. Cut a circle from cardboard with this diameter. Measure 7 to 8″ out from hole; cut outside circle to form a ring. Glue water-print fabric to front of ring with glue gun. Trim fabric; leave 3″ overhang. Glue edges to back. Trim hole; leave 2 to 3″ of fabric. Cut slits in fabric overhang; glue to back.

2. Measure perimeter of ring; add 3″ and note measurement. Cut four (24 long) oval pieces (determine width by dividing noted number by four) from black felt. Make sure widest part of oval is double width of edges.

3. Lay out one felt oval flat. Run glue down edge of longer side. Place second oval on top of first; press glued seam together, let dry. Open ovals with seam facing down. Run glue down edge of one attached oval. Place another oval on top of it, glue as above. Repeat with last oval. Close cauldron by gluing together outer ovals. Turn cauldron right-side out. Cut orange, red and yellow felt flames. Glue flames to cauldron. Turn cauldron inside out. Stitch 1 pocket on bottom edge; leave 1″ opening. Thread elastic through and close ends with safety pin. Turn cauldron right-side out. Glue ring to top of cauldron by folding 1 of felt over top edge. Cut arm holes 3″ to 4″ from top of cauldron. Cut eyeballs and bones in half and glue to “water.” Glue all other “brew ingredients” to water.

4. Place cauldron over child’s head and arms through side holes. Adjust elastic on bottom so it is snug around child’s legs. Stuff with newspaper or tissue paper.


Bling Out Rapper

Bling out a rapper

Complement a baggy track suit with homemade medallions.

YOU’LL NEED • Gold cardboard • Glue • Gold glitter • Hole punch • Gold cord • Also: tracksuit, oversize T-shirt, trucker hat and sneakers

* Create jewelry. Decorate circles of gold cardboard with glue and glitter; let dry. Punch a hole through each circle and hang from a loop of gold cord to finish each necklace. Put everything on.


Punked Out Pip-Squeak


Punked out pip-squeak

Adapt this for a boy by subbing in ripped jeans for the skirt.

YOU’LL NEED • Baby bonnet • Felt • Cardboard • Fabric glue • Needle and thread • Ribbon • Self-adhesive Velcro tabs • Also: tank top, plaid skirt, dog tags (keep long to avoid a safety hazard) and high-top sneakers

* Snip a mohawk. Trim brim off bonnet. Cut a 2-by-8-inch strip of felt and make three 2-inch slits spaced a half inch apart along its length. Cut three cardboard triangles 4 inches tall by 2 inches wide; cover with six felt triangles. Insert base of triangles into slits in felt strip, fold over a half-inch seam on bottom and glue in place. Pin strip with triangles facing up on bonnet and then whip stitch to bonnet.

* Create wrist cuffs. Cut lengths of ribbon and attach Velcro to each end.


TIP ALERT: Remodel Or Redecorate For Much Less



In case y’all didn’t know, we LOVE getting a good deal!!!

The only thing better than getting a good deal is being able to help someone else in the process.

Well here is a really fantastic tip that many people don’t seem to know about……

Habitat For Humanity ReStore

The Habitat for Humanity ReStore is a really awesome place to get all types of household items.  They have everything from door nobs, lamps, hardwood flooring, tile, windows, doors, bathtubs, furniture, appliances and even entire kitchen cabinet sets with counter tops. Those are just a few of the things that you will find while walking through the ReStore. (Really, not kidding here….. there are so many things I can’t even name them all)

The ReStore is a place that many homeowners, builders and remodelers take items that they are removing from homes. Say you are getting new kitchen cabinets. Well, the ones you are taking out and replacing can be donated to the ReStore so that they are able to sell them and help support Habitat For Humanity.  We have found that many schools will donate their hardwood gym flooring to the ReStore when they are going to be installing new flooring.  Remember those shiny, narrow plank floors we used to run around on in gym class? Yep, you can even get those there to install in your home.

When you are looking to redo things in your home and are working with a budget that does not afford brand spanking new, try your local ReStore. You will be absolutely amazed at all the things they have there if you have never shopped one before.

We go there often and spend hours. It is like a treasure hunt LOL.

There are 825 stores throughout the Untied States and Canada.

Search for a ReStore near you!!

Our local store has a mailer that they send out to let you know what things they currently have in stock, pictures and all. Of course they don’t include everything that they have available as there is just not enough room.

Below I have included a couple of examples of what our local store has available right now.

So check out the ReStore near you and get yourself an awesome deal and help out Habitat For Humanity at the same time!!!

Make it a great day, you deserve it!!

Tracey and Aileen

PS Share your experience at the ReStore with us!!! We would love to hear all about it.  Oh and we almost forgot…..PLEASE donate your household goods to the ReStore to also help out.

Monster Mums

By: Terri O. for Super Simple Crafts

When we saw these cute “Monster Mums” we just couldn’t help but share them with y’all.

What a fantastic way to bring more color into an otherwise usual black and orange Halloween.

You could also do this with Sunflowers or any other flower you find at your local craft supply store. Just let your imagination run wild.

Give your Mom a Halloween surprise she’ll never forget with this Monster Mums display from Terri O.

Easy Halloween crafts like this make perfect centerpieces for your table and are also great to have outside for trick-or-treater’s to admire!

You could also turn this mum display into a cute monster head by including some horns, a nose, and a mouth.  Kids will love joining in on the fun of creating this easy Halloween decoration project!


Make it a great day, you deserve it!


Tracey and Aileen


PS Please be sure to share y’alls thoughts on this or how it worked for you when you make them.



  • Two 3″ Styrofoam balls for each Mumster
  • Halloween gift box or decorated terracotta pot with another Styrofoam ball
  • Large silk purple mums
  • Colored animal eyes
  • 12″ x 3/8″ wooden dowel
  • Marble or stone vase filler
  • Straight pins
  • Chenille stems
  • Bead garland
  • Black paint
  • Low-temp glue gun



  1. Glue one of the 3″ balls inside the box or pot. Fill the remainder  of space inside the box with stone vase filler for added support.
  2. Paint the dowel black and let dry.
  3. Cut a small hole in the top of the box to stick the dowel into the ball. Use glue on the end of the dowel.
  4. Pull the mum blossoms from the stems. Insert into the other 3″ ball. Use low temp glue to secure.
  5. Glue eyeballs to the center of each mum blossom. Glue the mum covered ball to the top of the dowel.
  6. Embellish the dowel with bead garland and add chenille stem antennas to the top of the topiary.




Easy DIY Fall Front Porch Decorations

Fall is in the air and we are ready to decorate!!

We just love Fall!

So many beautiful colors, crisp cool days, Halloween, Thanksgiving and of course Christmas around the corner.

If you are like us, we look through magazines, drive down streets and look at pictures on the net, seeing all these wonderful pictures of front porches all decorated for Fall and saying “Hey, we should do that!”

Well today we are going to show you how you can get a couple of these looks very easily and inexpensively.

We found this beautiful front entry on My Home Ideas.

Look closely, do you see it……………..KALE!!!

In the South, not only do we eat Kale but we decorate with it as well.

We will be doing both potted and hanging kale with lights.

Option 1: Planted Kale

What You’ll Need
•3 terra-cotta pots (8-inch, 12-inch, and 16-inch)
•1 large bag of potting soil
•9 to 11 (1-gallon) kale plants
•3 strands battery-operated lights
•6 C-size batteries

Step 1:
Fill the largest pot two-thirds full with potting soil and fertilizer. Place the medium-sized pot in the center of the larger pot, and fill medium pot as described above. Center smallest pot in medium-sized pot, and add soil and fertilizer. Water well.

Light the Container

Step 2:
Add several strings of lights throughout the kale. Conceal the battery pack in base of the plants.

Option 2: Hanging Kale

What You’ll Need:
•1 (8- to 10-inch) pot
•1 medium-sized round wire form
•1 (410-cubic-inch) bag of dried decorative moss
•1 roll of wired plant tie (or several trash bag ties)
•1 small bag of potting soil with fertilizer or add Osmocote (2 tablespoons)
•8 to 12 (4-inch) kale plants
•2 strings of battery-operated lights
•4 C-size batteries
•Large J-hooks or hanging basket hooks

Fill the Form

Step 1:
Line the topiary form on all sides with sheet moss, securing it with pieces of covered wire.

Plant Your Kale

Step 2:
Gently tease off any excess soil from a kale plant. Beginning at the bottom of the form, pull moss apart to make a small opening and insert plant.

Fertilize and Fill

Step 3:
As you plant, fill with soil and fertilizer until all sides are covered with kale, spacing plants about 3 inches apart. The plants will fill out in about 3 to 4 weeks.

Tip: We used an empty pot to balance the form. This allowed us to plant the lowest kale first without crushing it as we continued up the sides.

Light and Hang

Step 4:
Add strings of battery-operated lights, hiding the battery box inside the form, and hang from a sturdy hook.

We really hope y’all enjoyed this cute and easy tutorial on an inexpensive way to decorate your front entry!

Please tell us how this works for you and send us pictures of your front entry!

If you have any pictures and/or decorating tips for Fall please send them to us at TwoSouthernSweeties@gmail.com and we may feature them on our blog.

Make it a great day, you deserve it!

Aileen and Tracey

Tortillas Tortillas Tortillas

We were just talking the other day about how Aileen’s family goes through tortillas like crazy which made me think….

“Why are we buying these things? They can’t be THAT hard to make.”

We are both all for being able to make something that doesn’t have all the chemicals “unpronounceable ingredients” in it.

Here is a recipe for flour tortillas that I found originally at Jazibe’s Recipes.


Flour Tortillas


These are not very flexible when cool so try to warm them before using them.


makes about 35 tortillas about 6 inches in diameter

1 kilogram of Flour (all purpose OR whole wheat) + 1 cup for rolling surface (=2.2 lbs, OR 8 cups)
1 1/2 cup melted lard
1 tbsp. Baking powder
2 tbsp. Salt (or less)
1 1/2 cup warm water (as hot as you can handle to mix with your hands)

  • Mix your dry ingredients
  • Make a “hole” in the middle of your “mountain” of flour.
  • Add oil (or melted vegetable lard) and water and start mixing .
  • When the dough is firm enough to handle, knead it a bit on a flat surface.
  • “break” pieces off the dough (about the size of a golf ball) by squeezing it with your thumb and index finger (like you’re choking it :))
  • Make several round balls (called “testales”), and place them on a floured surface (cookie sheet works great).
  • Let the testales rest for about 30 mins. to 1 hour covered with a damp towel.
  • Place a testal on a floured surface. Flour your rolling pin and roll. Whatever technique you use for rolling… just spread them enough so they are bout 6 inches in diameter.  (do not try a tortilla press for flour tortillas 🙂  It just doesn’t work)
  • Cook your tortillas on a “comal”, flat griddle or skillet at medium heat (mine was on 6 on an electric stove). You don’t need to oil the skillet (there’s enough oil in there).
  • Just like with pancakes, the 1st one is never good, but the rest are delicious.
  • You can pile up the uncooked tortillas, they won’t stick. (but not more than 5, and keep them far from the hot stove, otherwise they DO stick together)
  • It takes about 1 minute to cook on the 1st side (you will see some bubbles appear on the surface, this is normal), then you turn and press with it down with a flat turner to make a bubble again it takes about 30 seconds on the second side. Do not overcook or they will turn hard like cookies. delicious cookies, but not good for burritos.

To freeze or refrigerate, make sure you cool them spread out on a flat surface before bagging them.

Make-Ahead Meals for Busy Moms

Mummy Halloween Candy Holder


These little cuties will look perfect on your coffee table to serve up goodies or as candy cups on a table for a kids Halloween Party!!


We originally got the directions and idea from Parents.com


What You’ll Need

4-ounce plastic water bottle

Utility knife

Quart-size plastic container

Small cotton balls

Googly eyes

Tacky glue



Step 1

(Dad) For the mini mummy, use a utility knife to cut the top off a 4-ounce water bottle. For the larger mummy, use an empty quart-size plastic container.



Step 2

Glue a cotton ball to the middle of the small bottle for the nose, then glue on a pair of googly eyes. Use the water-bottle cap for the larger mummy’s nose, then add eyes.



Step 3

For both mummies: Cut strips of cheesecloth. Glue one end of cloth to the container and start wrapping the cheesecloth around, covering the nose but not the eyes. Continue adding layers of cheesecloth, gluing down any loose ends.



Please be sure to share your comments and tips with us y’all!! We love hearing from you.


Make it a great day, you deserve it!


Aileen and Tracey